Replica of Rodin's Thinker
"Since nothing is constant in business except change, it is obvious that complete corporate information systems are not available as an off-the-shelf item, but instead must be designed from the ground up to meet the needs of a particular company."
- Your Computer
My Business.  My Industry.  My Solutions.

We develop milestone solutions,
applications software that make an impact and last,
specifically for your business.

  • We make your business our business. We learn the minute details of your business, incorporate the business rules into your applications, and safeguard your business practices. We keep your data safe and prepare off-site back-ups for disaster recovery.
  • We provide continuous support. We make your applications work as designed. We modify when necessary. We upgrade when obsolete.
  • We keep applications simple. We strictly adhere to our basic design principle - the least words, the least clicks, the least clutter, for the same effect.
  • We grow together. Today, we deliver the promise of customized online applications, available anywhere on demand. We utilize Rapid Application Development and run the applications in an environment powered by Open Source Software. Our clients can concentrate on investing resources where it matters - their own suite of applications software.